Going Home. Started as small idea in mind which I sketched out 15 years ago while on hoilday thinking about all my favourite things which I built a picture. I started the painting in 2003 and finished it in 2008. Painted Oil and Gold leaf on canvas.

Tree Reflection. This painting was born on a walk around a the lake at Stourhead. Watching the wind ripple the water and contrast of the sunlight with dark shadow. Painted in acrylic, airbrush and gold leaf on canvas. The mask which I made for this picture was cut out of masking film taking me about month.

Stockholm Tram in the rain. This image is from my college days, where it was used as a practice piece for a photoshop effect. This has been transformed into the picture you see here, using my favoured mediums acrylic, airbrush and gold leaf on art-board. The mask made for this picture was slowly cutout of paper this can take up to month and then I soft airbrushed one colour.